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Hairstyles 2013 – ۲۰۱۳ Haircut Trends

For all you Fashion Conscious,Forward Thinking Women out there !  Here is the low down on what is going to be happening on the Hairstyle Front for 2013.   There are two very important considerations that are a constant in considering your new look for the upcoming year, length and color !  One should consider lifestyle and personal taste as well, along with shape of face ,and personality etc.

Old Hollywood Glamor

Old Hollywood Glamor Hairstyles

Trends for 2013 are taking cues from the Fashion Runways of New York and Celebs on the Red Carpet,as well as bringing back many Vintage looks. There will be new twists on Classic styles. Mixing everything from styles which have the feel of the early to mid nineteenth century, such as the Wrap Around Braid;to the Bouffant of the 1960s . A good example of these mixtures is the return of the Golden Age of Old Hollywood  in the form of Side Parts and Finger Waves ! Reminiscent of Hollywood Pin-up Girls  of the 40s,such as Betty Grable and Jayne Mansfield. These hairstyles are rich with Glamor and Romance, finger waves that were once very stiff and close to the head are now much more relaxed, giving them a softer appearance and are at  times tousled and defined with product in order to bring attention to the grace of the lines. For example, when paired with a Classic Chignon, leaving a wide section in front which is finger waved loosely creating soft lines and pulled back into the chignon with a Glamorous pin or left loose and  “mussed” a bit then defined with product for a hint of Rebellion.

2013 hair trends
Glamor Hair Styles

Speaking of Chignons, Up-dos,will be Hot for the new Season !  No longer severe, these up-dos vary widely however, the constant seems to be Volume,Volume, Volume !  I have seen lots of Side Parts, Braids, Finger Waves and Tousled Curl.  There is also a great deal of interest created in the up-do with the use of Chignons, French Twists and Rolls.  These are seen both in their classic forms and with new,fresh twists.  Such as in the case of the French Twist, by using a side part and directing the hair over to the side from the front and rolling back toward the crown which places the height or point of interest more to the side and just in front of the crown thus giving this Classic look a Modern Edge.

۲۰۱۳ hairstyle Trends: Braids

Sexy Side Braid for 2013

Braids will be making a strong showing for 2013, but not your Mother’s braid..these braids are very unique when used in up-dos or loosely pulled over a shoulder after the hair has been given lots and lots of volume for a full wavy look and then adorned with ribbon throughout the braid for a very feminine romantic look.    French Braids  will still be around in the classic sense, but will also be seen sideways across the back of the head for instance, allowing strands to fall out of the braid and down  the back for a flowing look.  The hair that was left to fall free could be left straight and soft or in a fluff of romantic curl.  One could even try their hand at the large loose finger waves that will be so popular for 2013.  Braids both french and traditional will also be seen in multiples from front to nape a great deal for 2013.  The multiple braids  can be done in a classic french braid,or herringbone.  One might then choose  to crimp or curl the loose hair that remains loose at the nape of the neck. Here is a gallery of braided hairstyles, enjoy


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Pantone Fashion Color Report 2013

September 18, 2012

By now you’ve probably heard about this little thing going around known as Pantone’s fashion color report. It’s kind of a big deal among designers and the design community at large, because Pantone’s predictions for the hottest new colors for the upcoming year are almost always spot on. This year they’ve chosen 10 colors, among them a few I absolutely love like Monaco blue, emerald and grayed jade. Over at Babble’s Family Style, I am sharing a collection of fun and fresh accessories and fashions for you and for your home so you can rock these trendsetting shades right now. Like this amazing ruffled shower curtain and this most adorable dress. Pop over and check it out and give your wardrobe a little Pantone-inspired facelift!

Pantone Fashion Color Report 2013 from The Sweetest Occasion

{For all of my Pantone-inspired color picks


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عرضه رنگ و مدل پوشاک سال ۹۲

معاون هنری وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی خبر داد
عرضه رنگ و مدل پوشاک سال ۹۲ در نمایشگاه آبان ماه

خبرگزاری فارس: معاون امور هنری وزیر فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی از برگزاری نمایشگاه مد و لباس در آبان ماه خبر داد و گفت: رنگ و مدل پوشاک سال ۹۲ در این نمایشگاه عرضه می‌شود.

خبرگزاری فارس: عرضه رنگ و مدل پوشاک سال 92 در نمایشگاه آبان ماه

به گزارش خبرگزاری فارس ˈحمید شاه آبادیˈ به تلاش‌های انجام شده به‌منظور اجرایی کردن فاز دوم کارگروه مد و لباس تا پایان دولت دهم اشاره کرد و افزود: از جمله اقداماتی که طی یک سال و نیم گذشته در فاز نخست کارگروه ساماندهی مد و لباس انجام شد، پارک فرهنگی مد و لباس و مجموعه نمایشگاه‌هایی است که از اسفند سال ۸۹ تا جشنواره فجر سال گذشته برپا شد.

وی بر لزوم تعامل بین طراحان و تولیدکنندگان تاکید کرد و گفت: در آبان ماه نمایشگاه مد و لباس با موضوع مانتو، مانند سال گذشته در مجموعه نیاوران برگزار می‌شود تا در این نمایشگاه، پوشاک مناسب با نخستین فصل سال ارائه و معرفی شود.


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